[ Robin was to start with the sole person in brand new team having no deal with-faults ]

junio 4, 2022

Robin was to start with the sole person in brand new team having no deal with-faults

Even after Robin’s ability to manage the fresh new bizarre, she is incapable of drink the very thought of Dwarves, and happened to be surprised by the nature away from without difficulty assuming some body, things she constantly humor out of whenever Luffy will it. Yet not, after going to Dressrosa, her high change in character starts to introduce alone. Robin features once the expressed several facefaults indicating one this woman is no offered this new stoic, uncompromising individual she used to be. Robin has also been defeat with feeling at the attention regarding Kanjuro’s Nobori Ryu method, and therefore brought a great pitiful-looking dragon one she found to be extremely cute towards part out-of blushing, exactly who new crew in London sugar daddy online the future dubbed «Ryunosuke». She are inspired to tears on its noble efforts in order to rise Zou’s hind base to the top, having difficulties for the feeble has, after which honored the memories if it turned-back to the an effective attracting and you may stopped to get «alive» because of the establishing flowers to your their «grave» in which it got reverted so you’re able to drawing form.


Through to the Enies Reception Arch, Robin often tried to range by herself from other some one, actually the woman partners, as the she know one she was bound to log off her or him at some point or afterwards. Just like the her first bounty, Robin had constantly become betrayed of the anyone she found believe; all of them activated their for the sake of money. Because of this, Robin grabbed a good jaded take on some body rather than very leading anyone. Before she entered, Robin is actually most intrigued of one’s interest and you can potential of Straw Hat crew (maybe since their captain is mostly of the people in the nation into the center intial D, due to the fact monster just who stored the lady). Although they certainly were opposition, Robin never ever acted intense or agressive to the any of the staff. She even became withholding to the lady Baroque Works partners, never ever telling them of your title regarding Sanji which she identified on Whiskey Peak; hence resulted on the stay away from at Gambling establishment, and protecting Luffy out of becoming tucked on desert immediately after he is actually defeated by the Crocodile at the Rainbase.

Upon earliest joining the fresh Straw Cap Crew, she merely stated she had no place else to visit, claiming one to Luffy is actually responsible for the woman becoming real time when she got desired to pass away hence was required to take obligations getting his or her own measures. She scarcely named the girl comrades by-name, and as an alternative labeled him or her through its vessel-hand titles, including Skip Navigator (Kokaishi-san, we.age. Nami), Mr. Swordsman (Kenshi-san, we.e. Zoro), Mr. A lot of time Nostrils (Nagahana-kun, i.age. Usopp), etc. She to start with merely called Luffy and you can Crocodile by the their labels, even when during the a specialist style as the a representative. She do, on occasion, name Luffy «sencho-san» (definition head).

Through the years, yet not, Robin becomes better along with her crewmates, and you can begins to establish a sense of belonging with these people, features stated that she cares a little more about the really-becoming than just compared to other industry. Once watching how far they will certainly go in order to store the woman, she now calls these because of the its labels. During the physical violence for the Enies Reception, she realized this lady has finally located the newest loved ones one to Saul told you she’d. She has together with reported that, besides saving her lives, they certainly were guilty of reviving her dream. Following the timeskip, Robin feels confident on the girl put in this new staff. When Nekomamushi told you he was worried that individuals who wished to have a look at pongeglyphs carry out come shortly after their, Robin said she had strong family who include the girl.

Monkey D. Luffy

She’s grateful so you can Luffy for accepting her towards the his team, which will be far more diligent with his impulsive identification than simply many out of her other crewmates, also laughing when he impulsively lets professionals to participate, as anybody else is shocked (at all, it’s through this she turned an excellent Straw Hat representative). And as Robin sailed and you will ventured on the team offered, she arrived at getting nearer to and you can care for Luffy since really due to the fact remainder of the Straw Hat team. The woman is together with so much more open minded out-of Luffy’s behavior, which from time to time even makes this lady make fun of. That it goes dating back to once they was in fact enemies from inside the the Arabasta Arc, when Luffy fought Crocodile given that «H2o Luffy», ingesting a whole barrel from h2o and jet they at the Crocodile away from their mouth to make him even more solid. She did actually have chosen to take a liking so you’re able to Luffy off their first appointment on board the Supposed Merry, in which their ambitious identity captivated the woman sufficient to have to fulfill him once more. Luffy is the one person who was able to encourage the woman one she is to alive even if the community does not want this lady so you’re able to, and even if it were the case, the nation was their and his awesome crewmates’ opposition as well. In ways, Luffy reminds Robin of your own almost every other D. company she befriended. This might have resulted in the woman initially demand for your, due to the fact she was conscious of their complete name within its very first fulfilling and you will inquired about it subsequent whenever she saved him after his first struggle with Crocodile.

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